Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hello San Francisco!

I bought myself a TMobile HotSpot daypass just so I could log on and blog (on), so I hope y'all appreciate this!  :-P  I have about 4 hours until my next flight, and I've already eaten whatever meal I was hungry for (I've been going since about 8 this morning, EST.  It's about 4 PST, which is 7 EST, which is my dinner time...I think. I get in to Auckland around 5 AM Auckland time, but that's 5 AM on the 18th...2 days from now.  BUT that's only noon on the 17th EST, so I'll be getting in for breakfast time but be craving lunch.  My poor poor body.)

In any case.

I was up finishing the binding on the pink one until about midnight last night, but I got it done...that's what counts, right?  Nick will put the boxes (one to San Antonio and one to Centerville, UT for Levi) in the mail for me on Monday.  I learned a very very important lesson last night.  Just because the kids' scissors are cheaper, it is absolutely worth the extra cash to buy the big-girl scissors.  Especially when all you need them for is to cut thread and "rag" a rag quilt.  Ouch. 

That's me up at the top of the board there!  

I'm going to cut this post short and move stations.  People, if you're eating a tuna sandwich and there's lots of chairs available, please do us all a favor...don't sit near, well, anyone.  Doesn't matter if you like it, tuna stinks.  Blech.

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