Thursday, December 31, 2009

Let me introduce myself...

I'm starting this blog fresh to track volunteer work that's sort of spawned from projects documented in this blog.  The short story on that blog is that my mom is an amazing person, and I made her a quilt for Christmas 2009.  The rather unexpected side effect of this endeavor though, was what's quickly becoming an insatiable desire to continue quilting.

To that end, my goals with this blog are to document both the projects I make for friends and the projects I make for strangers.  The idea is that for every baby blanket I make for a friend, I make a duplicate (or similar) one for Project Linus (or a similar charity).   I'm blogging about this here because, while I want to keep track of it, I don't necessarily want the press that the other blog gets.  If people find this blog, great.  If not...well, I'll still have pictures and stories.  :-) 

I think that when I send the quilt to whoever's having a  baby, I'm going to add in a little card and a picture sort of like when you donate money to someplace in someone else's name. 

In any case.  Let's start with some fun stuff, shall we?  Next post! 

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