Sunday, March 13, 2011

Easter Baskets

I spent my weekend whipping up baskets for this year's Easter far as I remember, this will be the most people I've celebrated Easter with ever. I might be wrong though...there was one year in New Orleans that I think was Easter and there were like 20 people. This year there are 9 of us, from both sides of our newly-formed family. Last year, Nick told me not to worry about putting together baskets for folks because it "wasn't a big deal".  I got TWO baskets last year and had none to offer.  This year, I'm making up for that lapse, with a vengeance.  This weekend up put together 11 baskets (2 extras for my best friends in other states), all using a super simple pattern that you could use to make just about any kind of basket if you wanted.

The first one was deemed "too girly" by Nick, so I tried again.
More masculine, but there were cries for pirates.
So we got pirates.

And more pirates.
Back to the girly stuff...

More girly stuff...

I think this was 7 of them.

Another variation on the pirates...

And the whole heap!  I can't wait to get plastic grass and eggs and candy to fill these!

If you're interested, these are for sale on my etsy site.  Convo me if you're looking for particular colors/patterns and I'll see what I can do to make it work!  

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Barb said...

cute baskets!!