Monday, December 20, 2010

Design Exhaustion Monday

What a weekend!  I accomplished the following:

* 16 blocks for the I Spy Log Cabin quilt (which I'm calling "The Fun Grandma's Quilt"...maybe) - they're 16x16 finished.

* All 20 blocks for ISLC sewn together - top finished! I don't have a picture of the finished top yet, but I'll get one later tonight.
* Backing bought for ISLC - waiting for space on the floor to clear up before moving forward with that one.
* 28 out of 30 blocks done for a man quilt...I have to say, I'm a little in love with this one.  It's all blues, and it's the 'friendship circle' block.

Lots of scraps used up this weekend.  Enough that there's a discernable hole in my stash, even!  I thought I wouldn't have enough blues to make this quilt, but it turns out...I still have a bunch left.  Yikes.  The recipient's birthday is the 31st, so I'm hoping to get it done in time to ship out this weekend, fingers crossed. 

I also got my room cleaned up enough that we can put the new printer my folks got us in there, to avoid any more kitty mishaps.  Nick wanted to get a copy of Kini's paws to send to my dad, but it's too high up.  Oh darn.  :-D 

I also finished the critters' gifts this weekend (everyone's getting their own fleece-covered pillow!). I had a great picture of Kini being oblivious to my awesome hiding place (on top of the TV), but apparently it didn't upload.  Oh well.  I'll post pics of those later. I'm also dying to post pictures of The One Gift (every year, there's One Gift that is perfect and will rock the socks off the recipient...every year I try to go for more than one, but invariably I run out of creative juices after just one), but I don't know if the recipient reads this so I won't post it yet.  Suffice it to say, I can't wait for Christmas.  :-D 

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Gari said...

You have ever right to be exhausted, you got a lot done. I, too, have a new printer: still sitting in the box for 3 weeks. I just haven't had the energy to hook it up.