Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Quickie Post

Just a couple quick updates, since I only have a few minutes.  First, I've been quilting! 

I've started being more methodical about things, and actually took the time to stencil out the designs on this one first. 
 Doesn't it look cozy, even all bunched up?
 I got all the hearts done and one side of the rope done last night...if you don't look too close, it looks pretty cute, huh?  :-)  I definitely need practice, but I'm liking this method!
In other news, for those of you who didn't know it, I actually have a cooking blog I started a while back with a friend.  The initial goal was simply to cook (preferably from Cooking Light) 5 nights a week for a year.  This year came with all manner of challenges, but I managed to pull it off for the most part (minus the 2 weeks in New Zealand and a couple of weeks prior to the wedding).  During the honeymoon, I got to thinking about cooking and how I want to keep up the habit of cooking 5 nights a week and planning ahead so all my grocery shopping gets done at once (usually on Sunday afternoon).  It's a good system when it works. I talked it over with MOTU, and after a few meh ideas, I think we found a winner!  The goal is to cook 5 days a week, with each week being a different "theme".  The theme for the week will be a different geographical region each week, to be determined hopefully by the end of this week.  You can see the full explanation here.

It promises to be an exciting and enlightening year...I'm looking forward to it.  If you'd like to join the challenge or just promote it, you can grab this handy dandy button:

And on that note, I should get back to work. Have a great day!

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