Monday, August 23, 2010

Triple Monday

Seriously, I am working.  I'm just waiting for stuff to load, and mulling over proper wording subconsciously while I purge my creative overflow consciously. 

So I need some opinions.  I'm thinking ahead and thinking about Christmas cards.  Since this is my first year as wifey, they need to be good.  And since I'm all gung-ho with all this embossing and handmaking stuff, I'm thinking I'd also like to hand make them.  To that end, I'm trying to pick cardstock colors.  I have the following options all picked out on, but I need a sanity check:

Option Red:
Option Green:

Option Envelopes:
Ok, seeing them all lined up like that I feel a little better.  Maybe I'll even alternate them so half the loved ones get green and half get red.  Now I just need some stamps and such to emboss on them.  Thinking vintage storefront almost.  We'll see. 

In other news, next up on the projects list, quilts:
* Joseph's "Just My Size" quilt
* Wedding rings quilt
* College friend's first daughter's quilt
* Not completely quilt-related, but MOTU's work friend's first son's bibs
* The Valentine's Day quilt, which has been granted a backburner pass until January since I know it wouldn't sell until then anyway.
* Christmas gifts - a few lap quilts are in store for this year, as well as various other handmade stuffs.  I have 2 families to make for this year!  Lucky lucky me!  :-) 

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