Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pushing Buttons

Ok, maybe it's more like "obsessively buying vintage buttons".  I got 3 whole packages full yesterday!!  I cannot express how GIDDY the metal ones made me.  They're so cool!!!  Some look like old roman or spanish coins, some look like buttons from battle uniforms...I'm kind of jealous of whoever gets these in whatever thing I make for them. 

I've just created a new label so I can track the cool supplies I have for people to request if anyone ever wants to buy my silly flower thingies. I have so many ideas of how to make these more trendy...I just don't have the time to make that happen right now.
Here are the last of the flowers I need to make for the wedding!  I think they're the last anyway.  These are the ones I need for the corsages, which are the last things I need to make, unless I'm forgetting something. 

Since the crayon idea was a bust (crayons + linens = Kat pays for replacements), I've come up with a new idea which I'll share as soon as I have pictures. 

I ordered paper yesterday to make thank you notes.  It's a lighter color than the invites, so I have some more flexibility with what I can do with them. The next major undertaking is going to be the ceremony programs.  Print, fold (cardstock and paper), hole punch twice, attach with orange ribbon, come up with something creative for the cover (maybe the leaves,  maybe not...I'm getting kind of bored with them, so maybe I'll switch it up this time).

Before this turns into a massive to do list, I'll spare you.  Today after work, we have a company-sponsored 5k run. I haven't run in about a month, so it could be a trainwreck.  I've got my Nike+ though, so that'll help.  I hope.  Maybe I should go upload some new music...

On that note, have a good day! :-)

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