Friday, August 6, 2010

Holy Crayola!

So I've been requesting crayons for a couple of mystery projects, and posted an ad on Craigslist...yesterday I got a HUGE bag from a woman who's apparently a teacher of some kind, and Monday I got a back from a coworker/mother of 2.  Here's the stash:

Oy.  So I started chipping them with a knife and soon realized that I was going to end up with blisters or missing fingers.  So I put a few from a few colors into plastic baggies and got MOTU's sledge hammer (what?  It was on the desk.)
So that's the damage so far.  In true dogchild fashion, Kini ate up all the waxy crumbs that exploded all over the floor.  I'm expecting fabulously colorful poop this evening. 
And, in closing, Shelby has been surprisingly friendly as of late.  In fact, all the critters are slowly but surely closing the gap in their personal bubbles, which is only a little bit disconcerting.

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Wendy said...

(Yes, i'm really behind!)
Hmmm... You really have me curious now!