Monday, August 2, 2010

Design Takeover Monday

For my regular followers, some of these pics might be a tad redundant...for those of you who are here by way of Design Wall Monday sharing, welcome! 

My sewing table has been completely taken over by wedding stuff.  I'm sort of in the final stretch of flower making (thank GOD), and my poor fingers are begging me to back away from the glue gun.  As of this morning, I have the following done:

All 4 bouquets for me and the bridesmaids, as well as all 14 boutonnieres (which I can now spell correctly the first time, thankyouverymuch) for the groom, groomsmen, bridesman, fathers, grandfather, step father, ring bearer, musician (my brother), and ushers.  Whew! I'm still not quite done with the tossing bouquet, but I'm like 5 flowers shy, so it's getting there.
 Here's a closeup of MOTU's's the only one with white satin in it, to match my bouquet. The boutonnieres are more or less inspired by this tutorial
 Here's what will probably be the ring bearer's boutonniere.  It's a little smaller than the rest and not pictured above (I made it after that pic was taken).  It was originally a prototype for the corsages, but I think it's too small for that.  I like it, but I don't want to make 13 more of these.  Ick. The flowers that look like these (which I've used in excess) are inspired by this tutorial.
 Here's the flower girl's basket.
 Another angle.  It's done.
 Here's the next idea for the corsages.  This one is a bracelet, but I have the stuff to do pins as well.  I'm open to  opinion on this.  These are for mothers, grandmothers, readers, flowergirl, and great aunt (9 total).
Here it is with an arm attached lol.  I still need about 2 more flowers, but I need to cut more squares first and it was 1 am before I decided to call it a night last night, so this is where it's at. 
 I just unearthed these...a couple of the white flowers on my bouquet.

Here's the box for the ring bearer.  The fabric in the center is the same as the ends, just rotated 90 degrees.  The leaves are the same stamp and paint method I used on the invitations (and will use on the ceremony programs, most likely).  This is instead of a pillow, for the ring bearer to carry. I got the concept from some girls on a wedding forum I follow, but the execution and delivery were all me. It really wasn't hard...the worst of it was remembering that, just because you can't *see* the freshly laid glue gun glue, doesn't mean it can't burn you.  Repeatedly.  Ouch.
And this is the ring bearer's gift - he's a 3 year old boy, so a treasure box seemed like a good idea.  :-)

So that's that!  The corsages are the main piece of work right now.  I'm still working on that quilt as well, but since the sewing table is covered in paint and glue gun right now, it's taken a bit of a back seat...we're less than 8 weeks away at this point, so it's crunch time. I'm also considering doing something for table runners, but I haven't put too much thought into that yet...they're not necessary, so I need to get the "needed" stuff done first.


Nina-Marie said...

Ohhhhh these are hot!! You can use them for so many different things. I've done 3-d applique but this takes it one step further! Very cool. (oh and I was in my mid 20's and an engineer when I got the quilting bug - 17 yrs later - it was best thing that ever happen to me!) You go girl!

Teaquilts said...

Great post. Love that you are doing something different with your wedding (I'm guessing it's your wedding)with the flowers and ring bearer box. You are so creative.

AnnieO said...

Love your creativity with the flowers. Congratulations on your upcoming big event! I made my own bouquets and boutonnieres too, but they were real flowers and that was 25 years ago!

Kat said...

Thanks, ladies!

Yes, this is for my wedding. I couldn't really find flowers I liked, and they seemed so impersonal since I'm not really attached to any given kind, so I decided to make my own!

Gari said...

Well, I was tired by the time I got through reading this post. But I am very impressed with all you are doing to make your wedding a really personal one. Can't wait to see the pictures of the real thing!