Sunday, July 11, 2010

Practically Super Models!

Yesterday, MOTU (Nick) and I had our engagement shoot with our photographer (well, the first of two shoots anyway...Helen wasnt ready for her closeup, so we did half this weekend and will do half in August).  They turned out incredibly well!  We took Kini with us for this shoot, and she was the best puppy ever.  There are some great shots with her smiling face in them!  All images copyright Margaret Michaels Photography. Enjoy: 

 Man, even just looking through them again, Im just floored by how well they turned out!  I cant believe thats us!  Margaret is just phenomenal (and she does baby/belly/family/senior pics too!) and super easy to work with.  By far, shes my favorite vendor.  

The location is where we.ll be having our reception, at Snow Farm Vineyard, in South Hero on Lake Champlain.  I highly recommend stopping by for a tour or a tasting if youre ever in the area.  Harrison (the owner) is a hoot and kept telling us to ..quit necking!..  (Sorry, my apostrophe key is DOA right now.) 

We hammered out some of the timing details for the big day, and that actually  took a LOT of weight off my shoulders.  As Im typing this, Im taking a break from (you ready for this?) organizing MY NEW SEWING ROOM!!!!  It has been a fabulous weekend.  I might even have a design wall again soon!! 

Anyway, enjoy the pics and enjoy the weather...its been great up here!!/album.php?aid=231545&id=102318335878&ref=mf


Duff said...

What beautiful pictures! You two look very content and in love--swooon!

Barb said...

You two look so wonderful....great pictures!

Wendy said...

KAT! Gorgeous pictures!!!
I'm glad everything is going so well for you.
Stop stressin'!