Wednesday, July 28, 2010


In usual form, I've got about half a dozen things going on in "the lab" tonight.  I took a personal day from work today...after all the chaos of the past few days (long story short, I've been to the vet 4 times in 3 days, and I'm writing this post to avoid the 8 o'clock critter med rodeo) I needed a day to decompress and regroup.  So today I did some dishes, went to Michael's, and got inspired.

I've got one more boutonniere (I DID IT!!  I SPELLED IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!!!) to make...these are kinda growing on me - they've taken some getting used to, and there's definitely a "right ribbon" and a "wrong ribbon" to use for them, but I really like how they've turned out.

Here's the group against a black background: 

 There are definitely a couple I like less than others...there's a small but non-trivial chance I'll redo them.  We'll see.

Here's a close up of MOTU's boutonniere:
 I used some of the white satiny stuff I used in my bouquet, and some of the sparkly stuff I used in my throwing bouquet - I like that they're all tied together like that. If you look closely at the previous picture, there's one boutonniere that has satiny mustard-colored fabric in it.  That's also in my throwing bouquet, and that's going to be my dad's boutonniere (ok that time I didn't spell it right the first 3 times).

I wandered Michael's for a good long time today, picking up and putting back.  I eventually came on this for my flower girl's basket:
 I'm going to line the whole rim with these flowers - they're sturdier than the boutonniere ones, but maybe I'll throw in a couple of those style as well just for kicks.  We'll see.  This is just the first flower of many.

This is the box I got for our rings.  After seeing this:

I decided that, though my cousin's kid (Patrick, he'll be 3) is adorable and probably much better at this than this kid was, I'm not really willing to risk it.  So I'm going with a little treasure box. 
I've got some spare foam from the headboard and I'm going to use some of the spare fabric from that as well to cover the foam inside to hold the rings. 

As his ring bearer gift, I got a box that's one size up from the one for the rings (admittedly, they came as a set, and the smaller box wouldn't fit his name on it) and am painting it and adding letters in the wedding colors so he can have a little treasure box.  I'll post pics once they're both painted, but here's the raw idea:
Here are the letters painted the wedding colors (the box will be dark brown):
So to recap, I'm working on  one more boutonniere, the throwing bouquet, the flower girl basket, the ring bearer boxes, and a partridge in a pear tree.  Busy busy, but relaxing night. 

In other news, I'm considering opening an Etsy shop for this wedding stuff (specifically the flower stuff) once the chaos is over.  Thoughts?


Wendy said...

Ummm... Because you don't have enough to do?!


Kat said... hated both posts??