Monday, July 19, 2010


I can has dezine wallz too?


The weekend's evolution:

Forgive the poor picture quality - I left my camera at work, so I was using my phone for these.  All the blocks for my quilt have been sliced and diced, and now I'm working on sewing together the rows.  It's a slow process, so I actually took a break and started on the last QFK that I have in my pile...think I won't be requesting more from them for a while, as every time I do it seems to take me MONTHS instead of the weeks they request.  Maybe next year I'll be more active.

In any case, regarding this "me quilt".  I won't lie...I'm not completely in love with it.  There's too much red I think.  I think at best it'll end up being a couch quilt or maybe a guest bed quilt for people who come visit in February.  I'm sort of a little considering selling it...anyone interested?  It's 4x6 blocks, and blocks are roughly 15 inches to a side (probably closer to 14 by the time hacking is done) what's that, 56x84, give or take?  It'll fit a full-sized bed nicely I think.  I haven't done anything even close to quilting yet (in fact, I don't even know that I've got batting for it right now), and the backing is up in the air.  If you're interested, shoot me an email or leave a comment and we can discuss.  Otherwise, come visit next February and enjoy it yourself!  :-P

This weekend turned out to be pretty great.  MOTU and I had a little tussle on Friday night, but mostly that's because I hadn't really realized how *real* this USMC thing is getting, now that he's going through MEPS (he went Wednesday).  I keep saying I've come to terms with it, and that I'm supporting him...I have and I am, but the fact is I don't want him to go.  Like, seriously.  If I could live with myself telling him to forgo his passions because I'm too selfish to want to see him hurt or killed or worse, I would.  But as the woman who's 2.5 months shy of promising to love, honor, and cherish him for the rest of our lives, I simply can't take this away from him.  My God I wish he'd pick anything else in the world to be passionate about though.

So maybe next year will see a shift in my patterns and causes.  Maybe I'll find a VA hospital to volunteer at and donate to.  Maybe Kini will be calm enough to be a therapy puppy (HA!) for the veterans there.  Maybe it'll all work out like it does in the movies.  Or maybe it'll work out  better because we're stronger than those silly 2-D movie personalities.  At least we don't have real kids yet.  Just strange 4-legged ones.

Speaking of, the balance in the house has once again shifted.  Kini is back in the kitchen, but so is Shelby.  She's moved out from under the sink in the bathroom and now sleeps on a towel on the floor by the fridge. I think we did this to ourselves...we've been getting food for her from the fridge to reward her for being 'brave' and coming out of whatever room she's haunting at the time.  Now, you can't even open the door without her stepping into the darn thing.  Last night I was the most loved person in the world.  I was in the kitchen, making a PB&J for MOTU, and every last one of the critters (MOTU included) was arranged around me, staring expectantly at what I was doing up on the counter.  I had the sad job of informing all but one that they were not to be eating what I was making.  Shelby didn't even hiss at the other two!  I wonder if peanut butter could solve that whole fiasco in the Middle East...maybe I'll send MOTU with a few jars when he (inevitably) gets deployed.  It'll help him make friends with the locals, I'm sure of it.  :-D

In any case, I need lunch.  If you're curious what I'm eating, check out my cooking blog!

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QuiltSwissy said...

I have several friends who are married to marines. You have to be a strong woman. But they are the ones I admire most in my life.