Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quick Picture Update

Just a quick pic fix for now.  Trust me, I'll have words later...hopefully today, but no promises.  It's barely 10:30 and today's already been an emotional rollercoaster.  Yikes.

First, the cakes we tried for the wedding:
 They were so good...sorry ladies, y'all just gained 3 lbs from looking at them.  My bad.

Kini making friends:

And enemies: 

She was barking at the waves

Not a fan:

I love my life:

 She climbed in the front seat with me, but wouldn't sit on my lap.  She drives, I steer.  Totally kidding.

Yeah yeah, pathetic, I know...
 Hey, um, can I come sit with you guys?
 Mai's quilt:
 It's sort of a loose interpretation of a quilt I saw a few weeks ago in another blog...I can't for the life of me find that picture though.  If this is your idea, please claim it.  Sorry about that.

We have a door!  And it closes!

Chewing on a frozen squeaky toy:

I love this man:


Kini as of 3 hours ago: 
 She's so huge now:
K, more later I promise.  For now, gotta focus!

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