Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quick quilt update: 
Got Paddington and QFK skaters basted.  Ride A Cowboy is still waiting, since I haven't had the space available to lay it out yet.  Fencing Matilda is in an envelope, but not in the mail.  Sigh. 

I've been taking Kini out for her morning walks every day, about half a mile in total.  She doesn't really like crossing the main road out of our development, so we're kind of stuck with a quarter mile out and back.  Hopefully soon she'll be able to handle either traffic or car rides so we can hit the trails.
Here are a couple new pics:
Kini and Shelby share space...sort of. 
 How stinking cute is this dog??
 She likes noming onMOTU 's bed head.  He doesn't like it but I think it's hilarious.
 The standoff.
 All tucked in.
When she gets off the couch by herself, she likes to stretch, but that usually means her legs get stuck  between the cushions.  Comedy ensues.
She likes stretching in general.  She also likes licking.  Hence I end up in awkward positions.  MOTU graciously gave me a pillow.

There are a lot more, but they're scattered in a variety of albums so I'll need to consolidate at some point. You can still go here for the most pictures (there are updates, promise).

In any case, that's part of what's been keeping me away from my blogging duties lately.This weekend is going to be busy as well,


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