Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Southwestern Strings

As previously mentioned, I finally got all the blocks for Alishia's string quilt done.  Gotta say...strings might not be my favorite kind of quilt.  Man they take a long time.

I tried a few layouts and sent her pictures, and in the end she picked small diamonds.  Here were the options:
The Big X.
The Big Diamond.
The Little Diamonds.

Maybe I'll call this Alishia's Stringy Diamonds.  Or maybe something less stupid.  In any case, that's what I'm working on tonight.

I also got 3 more QFK kits in the mail.  Pictures to come.

**** Quick Update ****

Here's the top as of the end of the night.  The middle is all sewn together, but the borders aren't on yet. I am LOVING how the border fabric ties everything in so nicely.  Click for a bigger image...it's teal flowers on a brown background.  I couldn't have designed a better fabric!


Duff said...

Beautiful, Kat!
Maybe call it "Alishia in the Sky with Diamonds" with the hope that one day she'll understand the pun. And really, they are diamonds on a blue background so it works visually.

Sherri said...

I love it, and you are right the border fabric was made to go on that quilt!!! Happy Quilting!!

Wendy said...

Pretty, Kat!
I keep thinking about maybe doing a string out of my scraps, but i have so many projects i'm wanting to try...