Friday, March 26, 2010

Final Friday

I sort of thought about doing a Friday Fave Five today, but I'm sort of not in the mood.  I'm not really in a bad mood per se, but today is sort of a sad day anyways.

Today was my last day at The MathWorks.  Here are the little things I'm going to miss:

It's just so irreverently nerdy there...them's my people though.

It sort of feels the same as it did when I was a kid, leaving school on the last day knowing I wouldn't be back.  Everyone else's lives go on the same as before and mine does too, but our paths no longer intertwine.  Monday will bring fresh nerves when I walk in to a  new job where everyone knows each other and I'm the new kid in a new social hierarchy.  I know they're nice, and I know I like them...but right now I'm just wallowing in the unknown.

I'm gonna go do a QFK.  Those are straightforward.

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Wendy said...

Once again i'm running behind...
Cheer up! =-)