Saturday, March 6, 2010


I was sewing sewing sewing and then I wasn't.  Nothing snapped or snagged, it just stopped.  The machine won't respond to the foot.  ARGH.  So much for getting 4-5 quilts out the door this weekend...I won't get the machine back until NEXT WEEK!  ARGH ARGH ARGH!!!

I am in such a foul mood now.

However, we went and looked at dogs today, which made me feel a little better.  Totally fell in love with this pretty little lady:

The picture quality is terrible, but Lily is a 10.5 month German Shepard mix.  She's super responsive, a joy to walk, and very friendly.  She's only been at the shelter since Thursday, so I can pretty much guarantee she won't be there by the time we'd be ready to have her...which makes me all grumpy again.  She's just a gorgeous dog and so mild-tempered.  Walking with her in the woods by the shelter, I just wanted to have my running gear on so we could go for a long run in the woods was gorgeous out, and they would have even let us take her home today if we'd been ready.  We're far from ready though.  We've been talking about getting a dog since the end of the summer, and have agreed that we'd get one when I move in...well, I'm not moved in because the house is still under construction (ish) and my lease isn't up until June anyways. Not to mention my thoughts on moving in sans shiny things...but that's a rant for another day I suppose.

In any case.  My d**n machine's not working.  I am ornery.


Mrs Quilty said...

That would make me ornery and grumpy if my sewing machine was broke. It has been broke and it's not a pretty time. And usually $100 or so to fix it. Anyways, I'm sorry for you. That pup looks like a real lover....dang, are you sure you're not ready??? So sweet!

Willow said...

Hi Kat,
I'm sorry about the email link not working. I'll have to find out why (my husband may be a computer sci lecturer, but that doesn't mean I have any technical abilities at all). My son in law is assigned to permanent party at MCRD San Diego and sees recruits every day. If MOTU were going to be in San Diego I'd have let him know.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Hi Kat, thanks for the visit but to be in the giveaway I need your email, you are a no-reply, you might want to fix that and then click SAVE!!

Kat said...

Trying something out, bear with me.

Nancy Eaton said...
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Nancy Eaton said...

Hi Kat,... I KNOW EXACTLY what you mean about sewing machines not working. I had mine in the shop, however I pulled my 42-yr old one from the bowels of the cellar (once I got through the burning oil/dust smell, she worked fine).
As far as the puppy goes... what, are you crazy?? Do NOT go looking until you are ready. That's like looking in a quilt shop, picking out the material and pattern for a GREAT quilt, then reaching for your wallet and ...oops- left it home or have nothing in it! Just setting yourself up for the grumps. Don't do it!

Kat said...

@Nancy - HA! You're totally right. The only reason we went in was because a lot of the non-Humane Society shelters have a sort of waiting/interview period. We didn't at all expect them to say "want to take her home today?" Needless to say, we'll be keeping an eye on her profile online (they take them down when they're adopted) and hoping for the best in a month or so.