Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wandering Thoughts

Last night I was tossing and turning, and came up with a fun idea that I might try as the companion to Alishia's string quilt.  I was thinking of doing a combination QAYG/rag quilt...so the top would be the string part (the flat part), and the bottom would be flannel, and would be a rag quilt.  I'm sure I'm missing something in my considerations here, but I was thinking about that, and how to use up some scraps left over from Levi's quilt (not to mention some of the batting scraps I've amassed in the past couple months). 

I'm going to have to think about this.

A lot of you out there have "design walls".  Could someone take/show me a picture of your whole wall?  I don't have much space in my sewing room, but having a design space would be wonderful!  How do you keep your pieces up there without pinning them?  What's the wall made of exactly?  How big is it?  How many layers of designs do you have on it at any given point? 

Tonight, I'll be home alone...totally alone, even kittiless.  Grisgris is at Nick's, and I'm not getting home until around 10, so I'll probably spend a couple hours sewing while I have the space to myself (and the jetlag to keep me up).  I'm excited to get back into it. 

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Lisa said...

Your idea about doing a string QAYG quilt with the back being flannel and raggy is a great idea! I've actually got a project started that I'm doing the same thing. I haven't finished it yet but I think it'll work perfectly. I'm going to do what you are thinking too and have the "rag" part be on the back - that way both sides will have interesting things going on!