Thursday, February 4, 2010


I found this picture on my desktop and realized I'd never posted it here.  A couple of weeks ago I learned more about my apartment's wiring than I ever wanted to know (given that the breaker box is in the deepest, darkest, most spider-infested corner of my basement...*shudder*) because it was cold, I needed to iron, and I had my computer playing music from the other room.  It turns out that the left wall of my second bedroom is on the same circuit as my main bedroom, and the right wall is on the same circuit as the bathroom, which is across the hall. Go figure. Bottom line is, I can't run an iron, a space heater, my laptop, my second monitor, my external hard drive, and my computer speakers at the same time. The computer setup and the iron are ok. The iron and the heater are ok. The heater and the computer are ok. The combination, not ok.  Here's a diagram:

That's right folks, there is no denying my geekism.  The best part?  My mom was the one who suggested that my issue sounded a little "venish"!  Maybe this apple hasn't even left the tree yet... :-P


Shiree said...

Hi Kat,
thanks for stopping by my blog, I have had such fun visiting your also, and like you I am looking forward to the Friday Night Stitch-in, I have oodles of ideas as well, need to find some time to fit as many as possible in huh!! Have fun,

Maggey and Jim said...

Oh, that is funny and not funny,, Sounds like you need Mr.Couple at your place.. He's an electrician!!Anyhow thanks for being follower and love your blog