Friday, February 19, 2010

Ok, a few more faves...

As soon as I hit "Publish", I realized there were a lot of good things that happened this week.  Here are a few more (as well as some introductions to the important people in my life...I'll put a cast of characters on the side in a minute):

  • My dad wasn't in any way related to the plane crash in Austin.  His hospital is about a mile from where it happened, the plane was the same make/model as his and taken from the place he keeps his, but it wasn't his plane.  He wasn't in his office when it happened, but he said they could see the smoke from his window. 
  • MOTU has a phone interview this afternoon!  And then he's talking to the Marine recruiter!  It's gonna be a good day for him...he has options for getting out of a job that's dragging him down in a major way, and that makes me so happy.  
  • Johnson (he lives in MD and also works at a thankless job, though his job is much more dramatically awful than MOTU's is) has an in-person interview scheduled!  This is HUGE for him, as he's not been able to get any kind of answers from anyone for about 6 months, and his current job is killing him slowly.  Literally.  
  • Latina Machina is having a great week too...her latest love, Mr. Armstrong, is turning out to be a dream come true for her AND she got a call back for an acting school she really wanted to get in to!  Yay! 
  • The Boy is looking forward to graduating, and is starting to put together stuff to get a job...we're all very excited for him, if a little nervous given the economy and all that. 
  • I figured out how to add another column to my blog!  Isn't it pretty?  Next up, figuring out how to quickly and easily change backgrounds/header pictures.  Woo! 
  • This weekend we start demolition on MOTU's house!  That's one step closer to securing my HUGE new sewing room!  Muahahaha!  It's also one step closer to me moving in with him (gulp!).  Poor Grisgris is getting booted out of his "safe room" though.  That's fine for him, since he basically rules the house while Shelby (MOTU's 6 lb furball) cowers in the bedroom.  I think she likes it there best anyways, because her main purpose in life is to cover anything and everything that I touch in fur.  I'm pretty sure I left some of her fur in NZ, that's how much there is.  
  • Have I mentioned how excited I am for the Sew-In tonight? I do need more white noise movies/tv shows though...I'm almost through the second season of Big Bang Theory, sadly.  Maybe I'll just start that over from the beginning.  It's funny because it really hits home...that's my life, seriously.  Some days, I'm not Penny either. 
  • Of course, it's been a short week...I'm a fan of short weeks.  Next week promises to be a good week too, but I'll tell you about that later.  

What are you working on tonight?  

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