Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ninjas Kick Butt

Back to our regularly scheduled quilt talk...

I finished the QFK quilt last night, including (gasp!) washing it.  I was nervous, but it looks all worn in and loved now.

For some reason the picture I took of the label isn't coming out, but the title of this one is "Ninjas Kick Butt!"

The next QFK I'm working on (one more border to go, then the top's done...these things take all of 3 hours to put together) is robots and aliens, so the title is "The Robots Win".

In other news, the squares for Arman's play mat got here last night, so I'll be starting that probably next week (we're going to VT this weekend).  I put together about a dozen more triangles for Mai's quilt, but they're not blocks because they're all darks.  I also redesigned Alishia's quilt a bit and doodled out some of the border prospects for Mai's quilt.

Oh here's another picture:

Mom's Paddington quilt.

Nick goes to talk to the recruiter tomorrow.  I'm not sure if he'll be signing papers just yet, but he's making sure dates line up and that we'd at least have a little bit of time together in the next year or so.  Tonight he's taking me out for a "night of romance" since Vday is going to be ridiculous...Sunday of a long weekend?  Yikes.

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