Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Look!

I'm trying my hand at making this blog look more personal...so far, it looks like a macaroni necklace to me.  I tried to pick pictures that are sort of representative of the more important things in my life, or at least the more descriptive pieces of me...my kitty, the quilt that started it all, Helen (the van), MOTU, travel (that's me in Sao Paulo in the upper right there)...that's the gist of it.  We'll see how often I change it up.  Next step is to make my own background.  Don't hold your breath on that one...this was a couple hours of cussing at my laptop as it was.

All that aside, I may have some big news in the next week or two.  But I can't say anything more than that yet.  Nothing to do directly with MOTU though, if you're assuming.  :-)

Grisgris goes in for surgery tomorrow morning, so I'm up at MOTU's tonight, sans sewing machine.  He's working hard, so I'm debating going for a drive to indulge myself.  Except that I've got a 4-figure bill to pay tomorrow for el gato.  Guess I'll save my pennies.  :-(

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Wendy said...

I like the header. It's cute.
Just a *teensy* bit busy for my taste, but i'm OLD, so i don't count! Plus i've had a lousy week lately...