Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh Darn...

So I was hoping that my last trip to Joann's (yesterday, Saturday, pick) would be my last for a while, but it turns out I don't have a needle big enough to tie quilts.  Oh darn.  Guess I'll have to swing by on my way home from work (it is SO bad that there's one half a mile from my office) and get a needle set...and maybe see what else is on the 50% off red tag rack...and see if they have more of the batting I like...

Good thing stakeholder bonuses will be out soon.  :-P

My goals for tonight are to get the I Spy quilt in hand-stitching shape (i.e., do all the machine binding so I can bring it up to Nick's and do the hand part there) and to get the latest idea going.  Oh right, the latest idea.  So I got 48x6-1/2" blocks of fleece that say "baby" all over them, in's kind of a goofy print, but it was ebay and it was cheap.  Anyways, what I'm gonna do with those is make a sort of mock-rag quilt.  I'll stitch the blocks together, cut the raw edges, and bind the outer edges with the same pink material that I used to bind my mom's quilt. 

Slight digression here.  I like that pieces of my mom's quilt have made it into every quilt I've made so far (minus the plaid rag quilt I made for Nick and me).  I have SO much left over from her quilt, it's hard to imagine a time when I won't have anything left, but it's kind of a fun little personal Easter egg to throw into each one.  The I Spy quilt will have the same binding as Levi's quilt (the dark blue cotton material).  I'll try to remember my camera tonight so I can post pictures later. 

I got a lot of red fat quarters this weekend, and once Valentine's Day passes, I'll be sure to stock up on reds on sale...I'm really looking forward to doing more string quilts for HeartStrings. 

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