Friday, January 8, 2010

binge shopping

So last night, on my way to Nick's, I stopped into Joann's.  Again.  This week they're having 50% off their red tag clearance stuff, and I've found a few fun fabrics there already, so my excuse was that I'd just see what they had and only get stuff red-tagged for $5 or less (so, $2.50/yd or less).  What a glorious mistake that was!  This whole bag (about 7 1/2 yards of cut fabric, 5 remnants, and 20(!) fat quarters) cost me around $22.  $22!!  Remnants are 70% off this week, and the fat quarters were 50 cents a piece!  Insane!  One of the remnants, which was almost a yard of fabric, cost me 30 cents.  Needless to say, I'll probably be peeking into the Natick shop on my way home from work today, just in case.  :-)

My criteria for picking out fabrics right now are this:
  • First and foremost, I'm looking for baby fabrics.  I have a lot of blues, so I'm focusing on pinks at the moment. I also need whites, since a lot of my blues are darker, so the whites will offset them in a kinda mod way. 
  • Next, I'm looking for flannels.  In particular, youth/kid/infant flannels.  
  • Finally, I'm looking for anything that catches my eye as being a fun pattern, a pretty color, or a neat texture.  That only seems vague, but I actually have surprisingly discerning tastes. 
Right now, I'm mostly working on building up a stash.  I figure it's best to buy while stuff is super cheap, then find a project to use the stuff later.  If I wait until I have a project in mind, it'll be way more expensive.  Most of these fabrics I actually have a vague idea of what I want to do with them anyways.  Really.  :-) 

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