Saturday, January 30, 2010

almost there!

I'm in Chicago right now, waiting for the last flight of the day. the FIFTH flight of the day. 37 hours, 7 time zones, 2 hemispheres and 2 continents later, I'll be home on the same day I left. time travel blows my mind. :)

thanks to everyone who's been blogging away while I was gone...I have a blog reader on my phone that downloads posts and pix so I can read them without internet...which made my flight from san fran to here much more pleasant. :)

while reading through posts and challenges, I've found a lot of inspiration...obviously. :) however, I'm happy to say that I've also started finding the limits of what inspires me and started finding things that just make me go "meh. maybe in a few years but not high priority." wool anything, for example. blech, that just makes me itch...and I know there's merino out there (I know this now!) but that's expensive. and possum wool just makes me think of roadkill, sorry. :)

there's a star pattern...starts with an H, has 8 points, can't remember the name of it but I flagged someone's post about it...that REALLY got me going. I think that might be the pattern I used for Mai's quilt. we'll see.

they're calling my flight...more later!

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